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Local travel services

The University is seviced by our local bus provider Stagecoach.  These bus services were updated in September 2020 to provide the services listed below;

In February 2020 the University introduced a shuttle service to minimise the number of people using their personal cars to travel between campuses.  This service was well received, but only ran for 6 weeks before the Covid 19 lockdown came into effect.

Since the pandemic has occured, the University has rapidly chaged the way it does business, and particularly the way meetings are conducted, now mostly moving to online platforms.  This has meant we have had to evaluate the service we provide, and how we can manage this more effectively.

To that end, we have been in discussion with Stagecoach and have come up with a fantastic collaborative solution which utilises the local bus services already in operation.

Between the hours of 1000 and 1600, Monday - Friday, members of staff can show their staff card on the Stagecoach UNI bus and receive free travel between campuses only.  This is only valid campus to campus travel, i.e you cannot get on at other locations.

This service will be monitored going forward and if you have any feedback please don't hesitate to contact us on


This service started on Monday 21st September 2020

During the University closure period, there was lengthy discussion with Stagecoach about how we are served on particularly Streatham Campus by their bus network.  As a result of this, and for some operational difficulties experienced by Stagecoach with the D bus service, we have now agreed on a new way forward for the bus services.

The D bus is no longer in service.  The route it used to take has been split into two parts;

  • The route between Digby and the High Street has been taken over by the improved H service which now has an H1 and an H2 service.
  • The route between St Luke's campus, through the High Street and onto Streatham campus has been replaced with the UNI service.

The result of this is that we can have greater influence on the service, as although it is still a public bus, it primarily serves our Exeter campuses.  We will be able to add our own livery and design to the sides of the vehicles, Stagecoach can provide double decker buses for busier times (something which was restricted on the old service), and we can work together to introduce new vehicle technologies and fuel systems to the route ahead of other services in the city.

The frequency is currently very similar to the old service, with buses departing Campus every 20 mins throughout the day.  If you have any queries on the routes or any other general feedback, please contact the sustainable travel team at  Further information can be found on the sustainable travel web pages.

Don't forget - all staff can claim 1/3 of the price of any ticket (including weekly tickets) bought on the bus on production of a staff uni card and asking for the uni staff discount.  This is valid anywhere with the exeter ticket zone.