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Academic Networks

PGR Study Space is an online writing space supported by the Doctoral College and run by a team of PGRs. It is open to anyone across the PGR community, whatever subject you are studying and wherever you are based. PGR Study Space offers structured sessions using the pomodoro technique, which Cirillo (1980) named after a kitchen timer shaped like a tomato. The objective of the pomodoro technique is to focus on one short task for 25 minutes, followed by a 5 minute break. The aim is to find support (or a sense of belonging) in the PGR community, avoid procastination and improve productivity.

Those that attend PGR Study Space have said:

"Having a community to share ‘space’ with while you work has been hugely beneficial. Even if one of us gets distracted during a session we can share this, and the others immediately jump in with support. Anything goes in these sessions, we can spend a session writing emails, prepping for teaching, writing the news in Cornish for the BBC, chapter structures, re-writes, editing, documents for supervisors and so on. All these are part of the PhD journey and [PGR Study Space] allows for this and so the academic guilt is diffused."- Lucy Hilliar, PGR in History

Full details about PGR Study Space can be found here.

Social Networks

The PG Society (society part of the Students Guild Exeter) is a society set up by postgraduates for postgraduates dedicated specifically to postgraduate social life. If you are one of the thousands of Masters/PhD students on campus, this is the society you belong in.

Full details available on the PG Society website.