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Postgraduate Study - PhD and Research Degrees

Doctoral Training Partnerships and other funded centres

We are a research intensive organisation that attracts leading research staff from around the world. Real world problems aren’t grouped into neat academic disciplines. The challenges facing humankind today can be complex and multifaceted. The response to such questions needs to be equally sophisticated.

At the University of Exeter we go beyond traditional academic research. Staff from different disciplines not only work together, but increasingly we work in partnership with other organisations – private and public, nationally and internationally – in order to produce research rated amongst the best in the world.

Some of these partnerships have resulted in the establishment of a number of highly respected Research Council-funded Doctoral Training Partnerships.

These research centres offer the following benefits for prospective doctoral and PhD students:

  • increased access to funding opportunities in the form of studentships;
  • research supervision and training from more than one institution, providing a more well-rounded PhD experience, helping you to produce outstanding research which contributes to real-world issues;
  • opportunities to engage in research collaborations with leading researchers from across the partnership.

There are also other alternatives to pay for your degree, you can view our recent presentation How to Pay for your PhD here.

Current partnerships