Postgraduate Customer Relationship Management

Review Team

To contact the Review Team email:

Member Job title or representative Position on team
Chris Austin Senior Project Manager  Chair
Amanda Brook Head of Marketing, UK Student Recruitment and Admissions  Review Sponsor
Dawn Aggas School Marketing Manager (Business School, SELL, SoGAER and Law)  Member
Joanne Evans Cornwall Marketing Manager  Member
Louise Harris School Marketing Manager (Biosciences, SECaM, SSHS, Physics and Psychology)  Member
Sally Rutterford Team Leader, International Admissions  Member
Nicola Sinclair School Marketing Manager (HuSS and SALL)  Member

Review Panel

To contact the Review Panel:

 Member  Job title or representative  Position on panel
Chris Austin Deputy Head of Projects  Chair
Lauren Murphy International Office  Member
Tracy Banks Finance Office  Member
Emma Royle Admissions Office  Member
Jenny Hargreaves Accommodation Office  Member
Carrie Baker Cornwall Campus  Member
Hannah Rundle HuSS  Member
Leo Rodrigues and Gillian Hatwell Student Representatives - President and
Deputy of PG Union
Charles Beard Business School  Member