Postgraduate Customer Relationship Management

Project details

The University of Exeter aims to boost postgraduate research (PGR) and postgraduate taught (PGT) recruitment as part of its strategy to become a top ten institution. In order to do so, it must not only attract more good quality applicants to its PG programmes but must make sure the conditions exist which optimise the chances of enquiries being converted into applications and acceptances.

The way in which the University communicates with prospective students from the initial contact to enrolment is absolutely crucial. Students need good quality information, delivered at the right time in a way which they understand. Currently, responsibility for communicating with prospective students is split between different parts of the University. The large number of people involved increases the potential for communications to become confused, duplicated and inconsistent.

It is anticipated that the research review will lead to the following outputs:

  • an audit trail of communications across the student journey, identifying content types, sources, channels and timing of information: identifying any gaps in provision and making recommendations about how issues identified should be addressed
  • sharing of best practise across Schools and central departments; providing a toolkit for Schools recommending content, timing and channels of communication with a checklist, standardised content and/or templates if appropriate and helpful

The scope of the review and the planned approach has been determined following discussions with key stakeholders. The final report will be presented to the Head of Marketing and UK Recruitment, Head of Admissions, Head of the International Office, School Managers and other stakeholders as appropriate.

Key documents

Postgraduate student recruitment risk review - February 2009
PGT student population metric report - January 2009
Summary of information from existing market research (the data behind this summary is available on the market research webpages)