Following the recent launch of the Our People Strategy, we are now refreshing PDR forms and policy to ensure the process proactively supports more meaningful on-going conversations about development.

As part of this work, we have recently undertaken a procurement process to purchase an online PDR system. The system will ensure that the PDR process is efficiently operated throughout the University, it will provide managers and individuals with easy access to a snapshot of current metrics (academic staff,) as well as supporting the alignment of targets and goals to college, service and University strategic plans. The tool will also allow colleagues to seek feedback from more than one person as part of their PDR.

How will this system benefit our staff?

  • We will no longer rely on paper-based systems
  • There will be increased clarity of role and focus of what is expected of you as part of the Exeter community
  • There will be the ability to have regular interaction and feedback
  • Matrix management will be supported, allowing for the input of a number of staff working in a matrix environment
  • There will be a clear link to college and service, and University level strategies
  • Each college and service will be able to customise certain areas of the forms to suit the language and processes used locally
  • Data will be held securely and will be supported by a privacy impact statement
  • One-to-one conversations will be supported
  • Past PDRs will be kept on the system to inform future conversations and ensure there is an ongoing record of performance discussions.

Data security

The online ePDR is a secure cloud-based system. The University has clear information security policies which ensure that data is held appropriately and securely.

Next steps

A number of areas across the University will be piloting the new online system over the summer. Once these pilots are complete and we have assessed all feedback from these, we hope to have the ePDR system available for all users in the next academic year (2017/18.)  Pilot users should go to the ePDR pilot webpage for further information, and to undertake your pilot.

More detail will be added to this website, as this project progresses.

If you have any questions regarding your PDR please contact your HR adviser.  If you have any specific questions regarding the ePDR project please email epdr@exeter.ac.uk.