Flexible working: an overview for Professional Services & Research staff

Flexible working describes a range of ways of working. At the University we consider the ways of working outlined below as regular arrangements that can be considered by managers of Professional Services staff or staff in the Research job family who want to introduce more flexibility into their teams or by Professional Services or Research staff who wish to work more flexibly.

Ways of flexible working

There is separate guidance on flexible working options for Academic staff in the Education and Scholarship and Education and Research job families.

Please read the requesting flexible working guidance if you are interested in requesting flexible working.

The University will take account of its business needs, as well as an individual’s request, in considering any application for flexible working.

If you would like to consider other ways of working not listed here, please discuss with your Principal Investigator (PI) or line manager initially and seek further guidance from your HR Business Partner/Advisor if needed.

You can also download the Flexible working an overview for PS and R staff.

Managers should read the managing flexible working guidance.