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Requesting flexible working

This page gives you guidance on how to request flexible working.


  1. Think through how you would like to work;
  2. Discuss your idea with your manager and team;
  3. Complete a flexible working request form.

There is further guidance on each step below. You can also download this guidance - Requesting flexible working process - guidance for staff.

For more information on the next steps read about what happens after you have made a request and you can also read examples of requests and the things that managers consider when looking at requests.

Think through the details of your request, how it might work, any issues there might be and how these can be overcome. This might include how your work will be completed and what the effect will be on the University.

You should read and follow the guidance in the relevant section below:

It's a good idea to informally discuss your idea with your team and manager before you apply.

You will need to think carefully about the impact of your re quest on your work and your colleagues as the University will need to consider its implications thoroughly before any request is approved.

You might need to change your original idea or do some more problem solving as a result of these discussions.

Complete the flexible working form‌, make sure you complete the relevant sections and give as much detail as possible.

If your request is to change hours/working pattern, this working pattern calculator will help you work out the hours and minutes for each day.

When you submit the form it will automatically be forwarded to your line manager for approval and you will receive confirmation of the details you submitted.

Read about what happens after you have made a flexible working application.

The Flexible Working Toolkit is designed to help Managers and Staff understand these different flexible working arrangements, their benefits and parameters and provide the tools to enable successful flexible working.