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It is important to note that home working is only permitted within the UK. The University will not support the relocation of staff members overseas for personal reasons.

It is important to ensure that those working from home are safe and effective. The following sections cover:

Guidance for homeworking 

  • Follow the DSE guidance when setting up your home work station. 
  • Take regular breaks away from your work station and screen. This will help you to cope with the changes to your normal work station set up. 
  • Discuss with your manager and your team what work arrangements work best for you:  
    • If you have caring responsibilities, consider when you would be available to work,  
    • It may be possible for you to work earlier or later than the standard working day, provided that core hours are covered by the team,
    • Changing your hours may also reduce the demand on the University network during core hours.
    • Our standard terms and conditions of employment are subject to English law and as such, all our employees are expected to work in the UK. This means that working overseas (i.e. outside the UK) is not permitted unless expressly agreed otherwise in the employment contract and planned accordingly. For more information please see the global mobility pages
  • Working from home - support for disabled colleagues sway has additional specific information on home working. 
  • Make use of new collaborative and remote working tools such as Microsoft Teams.
  • Learning Resources to Support Homeworking
  • The Keeping Healthy and Productive sway has further information and tips to manage working remotely.
  • Share homeworking tips with colleagues across the University via the Keeping Healthy and Productive Yammer.  
  • No additional payments will be made to staff due to homeworking.

 These webpages will be updated as necessary so please revisit these pages regularly for up to date information.