Learning and working from home

As many of you continue to transition to working from home, it is important that you feel confident and supported to do so.  We have put together relevant resources, updated our courses and linked to useful sites in order to help and guide you.  There are also some fantastic resources on LearnSmart to support you and to help you keep your knowledge, skills and career up to date.

Working from home

Some of you will have found working from home an easy transition, for others it might be taking a little longer to get into the rhythm of balancing home life and work.






A number of teams in HR Services have collected a range of information to help you while you navigate your way into a healthy and productive homeworking life:     

Additional information for both staff and managers can be found in the sections below:

Learning from home

While you are working from home try to make time for your own personal development - there are lots of ideas to explore.  The UK government has launched a Skills Toolkit aimed at those being furloughed (but useful to everyone) to continue to develop new skills at home.

We have also curated a number of different learning and development opportunities in our Developing yourself during homeworking resource which you can dip into at any time.