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Employees who have worked continuously (including part-time) at the University for 26 weeks have a right to make requests to undertake any training which they believe will improve their effectiveness in the business and the performance of the business. More information about the right to request training can be found in the current staff site

Our courses are available to all full-time and part-time employees of the University.  Please see our Eligibility to attend University of Exeter Staff Training.‌

If you register to attend a course and cannot attend, you will be required to provide a reason via the Trent system. If you fail to attend without cancelling the following process will be put into place: 

  • A record will be kept and where a member of staff continually cancels less than 48 hours before a course the Head of People Development will contact the member of staff to discuss their attendance.
  • People Development reserve the right to charge departments where a member of staff has cancelled a course with less than 48 hours notice.  A charge of £50 per internal course cancellation and at cost of externally delivered courses.
  • For dispensation requests related to LearnUpon online courses please follow the instructions in the FAQs.

Training for staff at the University of Exeter must be accessible for all. Where at all possible this should mean that the primary training is accessible, rather than creating 'accessible' versions of the training. This approach should be taken in the first instance when designing, procuring and delivering training.  The following policy statements are to be adhered to: 

  • Training must be designed, developed, resourced and procured ensuring that it is accessible to all. 
  • If the primary training is not fully accessible then alternative options must be made available. 
  • When procuring or developing training for staff an equality impact statement must be completed. 

The course ‘owner’ or department developing or procuring the training is responsible for ensuring it is accessible.  Where accessible formats are required the costs fall to the course or department owner.   

This policy statement is extant from 1 January 2022.  Courses created prior to this date should be reviewed and where at all possible reasonable adjustments made, however they do not currently sit under the specific requirements of this policy.  Any current courses that are refreshed or rewritten will fall under the requirements of this policy.   

is available to support the procurement, development and design of accessible training.

New training that you consider to be mandatory for all staff or a particular role must follow the procedure on the guidance page.

We are committed to ensure that you have the opportunity to develop yourself by acquiring the skills and knowledge for your job role. We fully fund all the external training provision bookable via trent (available under "view all courses"). Other external training, such as Aurora, will be funded by your department so will need to be planned accordingly. There are also special programmes where a fee may be payable, for example, to achieve a professional qualification.

  • Professional Training and Development Policy (currently under review)