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Lost or stolen passport

1. Report the loss or theft to the local police (if you are outside the UK) or online (if you are inside the UK). Keep evidence that you have done this such as a reference number, police report letter or email confirmation.

2. Obtain a replacement passport from the nearest embassy for your country.  Check on your own government website for details of the nearest office.

3. Inform UK Visas and Immigration of your new passport details by completing a Migrant Change in Circumstances form. You can only do this once you are inside the UK.

4. If you are based on the Streatham or St Luke's campus, update your student record by emailing a scan of your new passport to If you are based in Cornwall, email to arrange presenting your new passport.

If your visa was a sticker in your passport (vignette), you will need to replace your visa once you have your new passport.

  • If you are in the UK: you will need to apply for a 'Transfer of Conditions' (TOC) form which we can help check and submit with you.
  • If you are outside the UK: you will need to will apply for a single entry replacement BRP visa then submit a BRP Replacement application once you are back in the UK.

Either way, contact us and we will give you individual advice depending on your particular situation.