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Interdisciplinary Online Module Fair

Most students at Exeter can take up to 30 credits of modules from outside of their disciplines, subject to conditions. This modularity is a great opportunity to diversify your degree and build skills and knowledge that you can use throughout your studies and beyond.

The Interdisciplinary Online Module Fair (IOMF) is an online list of the interdisciplinary modules that you can select as part of modularity. The 2024 IOMF runs from Monday 4th to Thursday 28th March. 

Browse the Online Module Fair module lists to find out more about the modules available to you as part of modularity. The lists will guide you through links to modules on your campus that have no pre/co-requisites, and which accept students from other disciplines. You can use these to contact module convenors with any questions about their modules and decide which direction to take your degree in. Individual departments will also be running module fairs and dates will be published here.

Once you have decided which modules you would like to do, you must submit these choices as part of online module selection in March. This happens 2 weeks after the Online Module Fair opens.

NOTE: The Online Module Fair is open only to students going into their second or final year. First year students will complete online module selection in September.

Choosing modules outside of your discipline allows you to specialise in areas of personal interest or of interest to your future career. 

For example, you can choose to learn another language or complete a TESOL teaching module to help stand out on a PGCE application.

Following certain module pathways may also allow you to change your degree title to get ‘with proficiency in’ subject to conditions. This can help you shape your degree to suit you.

How will this module benefit me?

Will this module help me with my plans after graduation?

What prior knowledge do I have about this module topic and how could I prepare for it?

These are all questions that you might consider before taking a module outside of your discipline. 

All modules listed in the Online Module Fair will provide information on:

  • module aims and skills developed
  • how the module will be assessed 
  • reading lists

Please read these thoroughly to make sure that the module is right for you, and contact the module convenor(s) with any questions that you have. 

It is natural to worry about the possible challenges of taking a module in a new topic or discipline. However, there is university support to hand, such as Peer Support schemes.

If you have any questions about a module you are interested in, contact the module convenor.

I think for me I chose to do interdisciplinary modules because I had a lot of interests that extended beyond my immediate field of study. And one of those was languages, so I'd done a bit of languages as a Classics and Ancient History student and I really wanted to take that a lot further. I started to think this is where a potential career lies for me, so I took some languages outside of my discipline and it was one of the best decisions I made at University.

Pat, Guild President 2019-20