Online module selection

We understand that now may be a difficult time for many of you to plan your future studies at the university but in order to plan for the next academic year we must ask you to do so. In light of the current situation we are extending the window for Online Module Selection until 5pm on Friday 3rd April. You can select your modules via iExeter on your browsers or smart devices. If you change your mind about your selections all students can continue to alter their choices until this revised deadline.

Online module selection opens at 9am on Monday 16th March and will close at 5pm on Friday 3rd April.

Please think carefully about the modules you wish to select. No modules will be allocated on a first come, first served basis so you have the full selection window to select which modules you wish to study. Therefore, there is no competitive advantage to rushing your choices – you have plenty of time.

If you change your mind during the allocation window you can alter your choices until 5pm on 3rd April.


You can select your modules via SRS (Student Records System) either directly here, or via your iExeter.

For guidance and instructions on how to select your modules, use the Online Module Selection Student User Guide 





Following feedback from students, and in consultation with the Students’ Guild and The Student Union, the university has made the decision to remove first come, first served as a method for module allocation.

Previously under first come, first served some students felt disadvantaged as they were unable to guarantee their availability when the window opens.

Following this change all students will have equal opportunity to select their modules at any time during the selection period.

At 9am on Monday 16th March the Online Module Selection window will open. You have until 5pm on Friday 3rd April to make your selection. To select your modules you will need to access the Student Records & Registration (SRS) system. You can do this via iExeter. 

Despite the University's best efforts, we are not always able to guarantee you will receive a place on certain modules due to limited availability. To make sure we fairly allocate students based on your preferences we ask you to rank a series of modules. This will vary between disciplines, not all modules will have a ranking system in place. 

Some modules are flexible in nature meaning that they are not restricted in terms of student numbers. If you are not asked to rank module choices it means that these modules are not capped and therefore we do not need to receive your preferences.

After selecting your modules in the online module selection system you will receive an automated email confirming which modules you have selected. All students will then receive an email in July confirming the modules they have been allocated.

Within the Online Module Selection system, you will notice a group of modules called modularity. Here you will see a list of modules you are able to select outside your programme. Please note that some students will be unable to select modules this way due to their individual programmes of study. Some modules cannot be selected through this process but will be available via the Module Change process in September.

Information on modules that will be available via OMS can be found here.

You will have the opportunity to change modules following your allocation. However there are limitations as the timetable will have been designed around your initial selections and modules may have already reached maximum capacity.