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Flexible Combined Honours

Flexible Combined Honours

Flexible Combined Honours (FCH) offers a unique and appealing degree structure as it lets you study a range of subjects, related or totally diverse, in a very flexible manner. Professor Marion Gibson, Director of Flexible Combined Honours, explains below how taking modules from outside of your discipline enables you to develop a particular blend of knowledge and skills in line with your own subject interests and career objectives:

See all modules and thematic pathways on the FCH website. FCH's thematic pathways allow you to take modules from a variety of departments, for example, the ‘Sustainability’ pathway enables you to choose relevant modules from Geography, Politics, Management, Biosciences, Middle East and Arabic Studies, Anthropology and Sociology.

If you have any subject-specific questions, such as learning content on modules, ask the FCH subject coordinator for that area of study.

I would 100% recommend taking modules from a variety of disciplines... It gives you so much more perspective and so much more clarity of thinking if you give yourself a chance to not just think within one concept that your subject might put you in.

Cat, Flexible Combined Honours in Sociology and Philosophy with Psychology