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Senior Vice-President and Provost

Professor Dan Charman

Professor Dan Charman was appointed as Senior Vice-President and Provost on 1 August 2023, having previously been the Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean of the Faculty of Environment, Science and Economy and the College of Life and Environmental Sciences. He is an Earth system scientist interested in long-term ecosystem and climate change, with a particular focus on wetlands.

The Senior Vice-President and Provost is accountable to the President and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Lisa Roberts. The Senior Vice-President and Provost meets regularly with Pro Vice-Chancellors, who collectively oversee the University’s three Faculties to ensure alignment with Education, Research, Regional and Global strategies and the University’s strategic planning and budgeting processes.

Information on Professor Charman’s research can be found via his department profile.

The Role and Responsibilities of the Senior Vice-President and Provost

The Senior Vice-President and Provost is the deputy for the President and Vice-Chancellor, and provides strategic leadership for the overall corporate plan and oversees the portfolio of University strategies, ensuring their delivery as part of a coherent institutional schedule of activity.

As the University's Senior Vice-President and Provost, Professor Charman has responsibility for:

  1. Working with the Deputy Vice-Chancellors and Pro-Vice-Chancellors to ensure that priorities are aligned and strategic plans are delivered
  2. Providing strategic leadership for the overall delivery of the University’s institutional plan across all four campuses in Devon and Cornwall ensuring a values-led working culture
  3. Developing and leading a new academic investment strategy and plan for Strategy 2030
  4. Management of the University’s three Faculties, through the three Pro Vice-Chancellors; including target setting and performance indicators for faculty strategic activity
  5. Building and managing relationships with government policy makers to influence and shape development of national policy relating to global activities, and ensure that the University is well-positioned to respond.
  6. Actively role model the University’s expected leadership values and behaviours, promoting a culture of equality, inclusion, and environmental sustainability.
  7. Developing and leading cross-University strategic initiatives and deputising for the President and Vice-Chancellor as required
  8. Network extensively both nationally and internationally to enhance the profile and reputation of the University.