Recognising your support

The University of Exeter was built on the vision and generosity of its supporters and is thankful for gifts of every size. Philanthropic gifts have supported our students, endowed our scholars and provided our buildings. A tradition of philanthropy maintains Exeter as a world-class University, and enables investment in the future. It is a tradition which continues today.

One of the ways in which Exeter recognises the support of a growing numbers of donors, is through recognition circles. These groups enable us to bring our donors closer to the work of the University and foster a thriving community.

All of Exeter’s supporters are acknowledged in the online donor roll and receive the donor Thank You report. These are just some of the ways in which the University is proud to recognise its supporters alongside membership to one of the following exclusive circles;

Reed Circle
To thank and recognise alumni and supporters who support the University of Exeter regularly.

Exeter Pioneers
To recognise repeatable annual giving at £1,000

Vice-Chancellor’s Circle
Membership of the Vice-Chancellor’s Circle is open to alumni and supporters who donate more than £5,000

Northcote Circle
Membership of the Northcote Circle is open to alumni and supporters who have made a gift of £100,000 or more

College of Benefactors
The University of Exeter invites its most generous donors to become members of the prestigious College of Benefactors. Induction into the College is the highest honour the University can bestow upon donors who have made a gift of £250,000 or more.