Creating a sustainable future for farming and the environment

Creating a sustainable future for farming and the environment

UK agriculture now stands at a major crossroads, facing the uncertainties of Brexit and Climate Change at the same time as the economic aftermath of the Green Revolution and globalisation of the late 20th Century. 

An understanding of how UK farmers, foresters and other land managers respond to change – and critically how they can adapt to future change - is essential if the UK is to build a resilient and sustainable future for farming, food and the environment. Research which provides answers to these questions lies at the very heart of the work carried out by the Centre for Rural Policy Research (CRPR) at the University of Exeter.

The Centre has a longstanding reputation as one of the leading research groups in the UK based on a successful track record of rural policy work dating back to the 1960s. For more than 50 years our research has consistently been used to inform governments, businesses and communities about how the land and the environment can be managed better. We effect real change by researching issues of critical importance to rural areas and using the evidence to influence the development of more effective policy and practice. 

With its wealth of research expertise the CRPR can help the UK understand how to create a sustainable future for farming and the environment.  We can do this through providing detailed briefings to enhance understanding and policy making, and through the delivery of high impact research projects concentrating on the key questions.  

Read more about the Centre and the work of Professor Michael Winter OBE, Professor of Land Economy and Society and Chair of Centre for Rural Policy Research Management Board.

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