Understanding global conflicts: The European Centre for Palestinian Studies (ECPS)

The European Centre for Palestinian Studies (ECPS), founded by Professor Ilan Pappé and Dr Ghada Karmi in 2009, was the first academic centre for Palestine studies in Europe and the first in the world within a university. Our academics in the Centre are dedicated to producing interdisciplinary work on the history of Palestine and the Palestine and Israel conflict.

The question of Palestine occupies a central place in the politics and contemporary history of the Middle East. Globally, it has long gained the attention of people concerned with struggles for independence, democracy, and social justice; in Europe in particular, it has often preoccupied policymakers and in one way or another dominated efforts to coordinate European foreign policy.

We draw upon the expertise of a distinguished group of scholars in Middle Eastern Studies from across various University of Exeter departments. Our Centre houses a unique collection of primary and secondary resources on Middle East Affairs, built up over years of dedicated faculty research into the politics and history of the Middle East.

In just three years, ECPS has laid down a firm foundation to become a global centre for research into the truth about the history of Palestine and the Palestine and Israel question. It is one of only two such centres in Europe and seeks to cooperate with partners worldwide to encourage a new generation of scholars to examine academically issues that have been treated so far only politically and publicly.

Becoming the leading global centre for research on Palestine

We want to be the leading global centre for Palestine research which we aims to achieve through a range of research activities. Our aim is to have two Visiting Scholars a year as well as visiting speakers; research visits by our academics to academic institutions in the Middle East; exchanges of students between Exeter and Middle Eastern universities; academic workshops hosted at Exeter; and a biennial international conference in London or the Middle East.

Through this research activity we can develop and enrich the Centre’s research, and stimulate global research on Palestine, as well as position the Centre on the regional, national and international stage. This will also enable us to build stronger links with international institutions and maintain active links with global networks interested in Palestine.


Master’s and PhD Scholarships

The Centre offers up to five PhD studentships, each for a three-year period, and two annual Masters Scholarships for students from Gaza, the West Bank and the Palestinian diaspora or for non-Palestinian students.

This is an extraordinary opportunity for the most dedicated Palestinian students to broaden their educational experience and advance their qualifications in a new environment. Students will be able to overcome the limitations of the Palestinian educational system.

We can enable a new generation of Western scholars to contribute to a better understanding of the conflict in their respective countries and to make an impact on policy-makers.