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More success for our alumni authors including by Dr Peter A. Thomas (Biology, 1978) whose book Trees ultimately has its orgins in his degree from Exeter

Celebrating our Alumni authors

Massive congratulations to our alumni authors who have had their books published.

Take a look at the latest books available from our alumni authors:

Dr. Seyed Hadi Borhani (PhD Arab and Islamic Studies, 2015) has recently published Textbooks on Israel-Palestine: The Politics of Education and Knowledge in the West.

How is the Israel/Palestine question narrated in Western academia? What ideas dominate the key textbooks on the subject and what is presented as 'truth'? This book answers these critical questions and is based on the results of Seyed's PhD dissertation at our European Centre for Palestine Studies.

This book is available to purchase online.


Anton Brisinger (English with Film Studies, 2019) has recently published his first book We Might Take Some Getting Used To.

In Malibu, California, Alexander is just another defiant, misbehaved teenager. When the correctional therapy and ADHD medication don't have the intended effect, his father, as a last resort, ships him off to an English boarding school. After two years away from L.A., Alexander, now seventeen, comes back for Christmas break. Plunged into a world of apathy, excess, debauchery, and parental neglect, Alexander must confront the past he tried to forget, and find where he belongs in between these two worlds.

This book is available to purchase online.


Dr. Elizabeth Galway (PhD in English, 2004) has recently published The Figure of the Child in WWI American, British, and Canadian Children’s Literature: Farmer, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.

Based on extensive archival research, this monograph examines an array of wartime writing for young people published in Britain, Canada, and the United States and provides a new understanding of the complexities and nuances within children’s literature of the period. Paying special attention to the figure of the child, this book provides a comprehensive study of transatlantic children’s literature produced during the first global war. 

This book is available to purchase online.


Jemma Hatt (English, 2007) has recently published her sixth novel in her 'Adventurers Series': The Adventurers and the Sea of Discovery.

A secret hidden deep under the sea is about to surface... Arriving in Greece on the trail of a missing friend, The Adventurers land themselves in a mystery filled with suspense. An ancient map has been discovered, but where does it lead? Who are the menacing figures pursuing them at every turn? Join Lara, Rufus and the gang as they set sail for an island-hopping escapade!

This book is available to purchase online.


Dr. Peter Thomas (Biology, 1978) has recently published Trees which has its origins in his degree from Exeter.

A long-awaited volume in the New Naturalist series examining the trees of Britain. In this book ecologist Peter Thomas explores many questions, delving into the often hidden life of trees, using examples from around the world, from common trees to the unusual and bizarre. This comprehensive introduction to all aspects of tree biology and ecology presents the latest scientific and botanical discoveries and explores the wonders and mysteries of trees.

This book is available to purchase online.


Peter Wingfield-Digby (Sociology & Statistics, 1968) has recently self-published Exeter Cathedral memorials with links to Empire.

Recently the public have been showing increased interest in finding out more about the history of the British Empire, especially in relation to slavery. This publication lists all memorials in Exeter Cathedral that have a known link to Empire, looking into the history of the person commemorated, where in the world they were located, and their family. 

This book is available to purchase online

Date: 14 June 2022

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