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Lauren Churchman

I came down to Exeter recently along with fellow alumnus and former Xpression FM member Jack D’Arcy to give two talks to students about getting in to music and media. In general, there seems to me to be a huge lack of information and advice on media jobs out there – people don’t actually know what jobs exist, and this was one of the reasons Jack and I volunteered to come down and give a talk. The media can seem mysterious and daunting to try and get into, so I was glad to be able to give some advice to the students and show them that in just a few years, you can achieve anything – it doesn’t seem long ago that I was doing my finals and wondering if I’d ever get where I wanted to go. We wanted to be able to say, “there are jobs out there, and you can get them!” – I really hope we inspired some of the students to pursue a creative career in the media.

Lauren Churchman (Spanish 2013) works in the Music Team at BBC 6 Music.