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Peter Baldwin

It is a wonderful privilege for graduates to have the chance to share the benefits of their experience with subsequent generations. Hopefully that sharing can be of real practical use in helping undergraduates navigate the path to get started in the career to which they aspire.

All the available evidence tells us that social mobility is declining in the UK. This is something that should concern everyone. Some undergraduates are fortunate to have members of their own family or friends to guide them on their career choices. Many are not. In its own small way the mentoring scheme is attempting to remedy this.With the remarkable breadth of achievement by Exeter graduates across a wide spectrum, any undergraduate at Exeter should be able to access an experienced person able to help guide them in their career choices. In so doing, the graduate is helping to eliminate the information advantage that can arise by accident of birth.

With all the financial and other challenges confronting the current generation of undergraduates, this is a small way that people of my generation really can (and should) help.

Peter Baldwin (History, 1991) is a Partner at Ropes and Gray LLP. His mentoring has benefited numerous students over the years.