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There are several legislations in place to prevent gender discrimination such as the Equality Bill, the Equal Pay Act and Sex Discrimination Act. These acts are included within the Equality Act 2010 - The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC)

Below are links to resources and programs that promote positive working environments with regards to gender.

  • Where Women Want To Work - site with information on some major employers and their attitudes to women in the work place.
  • Women in Banking & Finance – non-profit professional organisation working to empower its members in the banking and finance sector.
  • Fresh Look - one day event for first or second year female students interested in investment banking.
  • PwC - Women in Business Programme - aimed primarily at women seeking an experience in professional services to develop confidence and skills and get an insight into the opportunities available at PwC.
  • WISE – Women into science, engineering & Construction.

There are a growing number of schemes targeted specifically at women to try and tackle issues around the gender pay gap and the underrepresentation of women in a number of sectors (an interesting article around this topic can be found here).

There are a number of areas where men are underrepresented in the workplace but that can provide great opportunities for exciting careers. There are very few schemes specifically for men at present however below you will find a list of sectors where men are underrepresented along with training opportunities, support and articles related to these areas to help you explore them further. You may also find the following article of interest if you would like to explore this area further .