The Buddha lived in Northern India 2,500 years ago. He was a teacher who realised that all beings live in a world of constant change and uncertainty. Based on his own experiences he developed practical methods for dealing with these uncertainties, enabling his students to find freedom, fulfilment and compassion within the pleasures and pains of everyday life. The Buddha taught in many different ways according to the needs and capacities of his students. As a result, many different forms of Buddhism have evolved over the years and can be found practised in the Exeter area.

Mindful meditation is an important aspect of Buddhist practice. Different methods of meditation have been developed to enable us to gain a deeper understanding of who we are, to investigate how our minds work and to wake up to life in all its richness. Mindful awareness also helps us to take care of ourselves, our fellow beings and the environment.


John Danvers is the Buddhist chaplain. He has more than fifty years’ experience of Zen meditation in the Soto tradition and, more recently in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. John is an artist, poet and author. He has guided many meditation groups, and has run seminars and workshops on Buddhism, creativity, the arts and mindful meditation. John is available to students and staff, whatever their beliefs, for support, advice or an informal chat. Visit John's website here.

John Danvers

John Danvers

Buddhist Chaplain

Email: J.Danvers@exeter.ac.uk
Phone: 07807 168494

Students' Guild Societies

The Buddhist chaplain works closely with the university Meditation Society and Buddhist Society. The Meditation Society meets on Monday & Thursday evenings, usually in Queens Building. For more information visit the Meditation Society Facebook page. 

For more information about the Buddhist Society visit the Buddhist Society Facebook page.

John also guides mindful meditation sessions for staff – for details see Chaplaincy Events page or the Staff Life website.


In the Community

John works closely with Exeter Meditation Circle, meeting at St Luke’s Chapel - a secular Buddhist group open to staff, students and anyone from the Exeter area.

He is also a member of Exeter Community of Interbeing

For information about many of the local Buddhist groups visit Exeter Buddhist Network website


Places of worship in Exeter

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Diamond Way
Diamond Way Buddhist Centre

The Community of Buddhist Contemplatives
Dragon Bell Temple

New Kadampa
Pure Land Buddhist Centre

Community of Interbeing (founded by Thich Nhat Hanh)
Exeter Sangha of the Community of Interbeing

Exeter Sakya Buddhist Group (Dechen Exeter)
Dechen Exeter

Exeter Chan Group
Exeter Chan Meditation Group

Exeter Buddhist Network
Exeter Buddhist Network

Triratna Buddhist Community
Triratna Buddhist Community