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Time To Talk

If you are a student who would like a non-judgemental listening ear, you can book into one of our Time to Talk slots to meet with a chaplain in confidence.

Book Time to Talk
Urgent enquiries

If you have an urgent concern about yourself or someone else please see wellbeing urgent support.

Welcome to Chaplaincy in Exeter


The Multifaith Chaplains work together to serve the whole University community: students and staff, of all faiths and worldviews, whether religious or not. 

We provide a safe space to talk, and offer you a confidential and nonjudgmental listening ear.

We believe that all students and staff at the University of Exeter deserve time and care.

We are here to support you, to be available for you to share any concerns, to support your wellbeing, and help you to enjoy your time in Exeter. 

Our chaplains are available throughout the week - no issue is too big or small!