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Humanist Events


For Zoom meeting IDs and passcodes, or for more information about these events, please contact the Humanist Chaplain, Anastasia Somerville-Wong. All events are free of charge unless otherwise indicated.

Humanist and Progressive Fellowship

A note from our Humanist Chaplain Anastasia:

I am looking to build a creative community of progressive and humanistic thinkers who seek to enrich secular culture, promote wellness, live sustainably and form deeper connections at the university and beyond.

A group us met regularly during the pandemic but I became unwell and could no longer run the meetings.  However, I hope to re-establish a group, so do get in touch with me if you would like to be involved.

If you share our strong commitment to reason, science and scholarship and our passion for promoting empathy, kindness, diversity, human rights and social and environmental justice, this is the group for you!