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Chapel Choir

Soundtrack Description

The video begins with the choir singing, in four-part a cappella, an extract from You Are The New Day by John David, originally arranged by Peter Knight for The King’s Singers.

The same piece of music continues until the choir finish singing, nine seconds before the end of the video, after which there is silence. There is no other audio on the soundtrack.

Summary Transcript
TimeVideo DescriptionOpen CaptionSong Lyrics
00:00 Choristers singing in the University Chapel. The University of Exeter chapel choir is recruiting new scholars! Thoughts occur that this night might, stay yesterday.
00:10 A service taking place in the University Chapel There are spaces available for sopranos, altos, tenors and basses in the choir Thoughts that we as humans small,
00:14 The exterior of the University Chapel, filmed from the air. to sing services weekly in the university chapel during term time could slow worlds and end it all,
00:21 An organist playing an organ. Working with our professional music team lie around me where they fall,
00:25 Choristers singing in the University Chapel.   before the new
00:28 A Christmas service taking place in the University Chapel, at which the choristers are singing from the choir stalls. The scholarship is worth a minimum of £650 per annum. day. Before the
00:34 Four choristers singing in the University Chapel. With extra paid singing opportunities arising throughout the year new
00:37 A chorister soloist sings in the University Chapel.   day. One more day when
00:39 Exterior shot of Exeter Cathedral, filmed from the air. Opportunities this year include… time is running out for
00:43 Choristers singing in the University Chapel. A performance of JS Bach’s mass in B minor everyone.
00:46 A choral concert with small musical ensemble, taking place in the University Chapel  
00:47 A photograph of the choristers at Bath Abbey. Concerts and services in Bath Abbey Like a breath I knew would come,
00:50 A photograph of the choristers outside a church in France, taken during their 2018 tour. A summer tour to Germany I reach for the new
00:54 The choir singing to a large audience in Exeter Cathedral. A performance of Handel's Messiah. day.
00:57 A woman playing a violin while seated in the University Chapel, while a conductor in formal evening dress conducts on the left of the frame. And recording a new CD Hope
00:58 A wider shot of the same event which shows two harpsichords being played.   is my philosophy.
01:00 A woman playing a viola at the same event.    
01:01 Choristers singing in the University Chapel. 

A choral scholar in the University of Exeter Chapel Choir is:

  • A prestigious ambassador for the University
  • An advocate for professional music making at Exeter University
  • A team player in the choir
  • Part of one of the finest musical ensembles in the south west.

Just needs days in which to be.
Love of life means hope for me.


Applicants for auditions for September should contact the Director of Music, Michael Graham, at

Borne on a new day. You are the new day.

01:31 The conductor signals for a precise united finish, and the choir finish the song in unison.   Silence
01:33 Fade to black

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01:40 Video ends.