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Food and drink

The Food and Drink team actively engages with suppliers to reduce the environmental impacts of its operations and fairtrade and south-west suppliers are sourced whenever possible. Using local suppliers helps reduce carbon emissions associated with transport and supports the local economy. The menu on campus has been updated to include more vegan and locally sourced produce and the Sustainability Café is 100% vegetarian and vegan. There are plans in place to include carbon footprint data on menus in future.  

To minimise plastic wastage on campus, a sustainable milk refill initiative is open to all, and we also encourage the use of reusable cups.

The Penryn Campus Shop offers a Bring Your Own (BYO), self-service refill section to reduce unnecessary packaging and waste. The refill range includes cereals and breakfast food; pasta; rice and snacks. Meat is locally sourced and there is a vegan food section. The shop also uses the Too Good To Go app to try and reduce food waste.