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If you are undertaking any work or collaboration with a third party, be it an individual, company, funding body, government department, EU or otherwise, you will almost certainly require a written, enforceable contract which must be approved and authorised by the University.

The contracts team is here to help you with all contractual issues and prepare contracts for you. Negotiating contracts can take time, therefore to ensure matters are dealt with quickly and smoothly you should involve us at the earliest stage possible.


Below are some examples of where a contract may be needed:

  • Research Agreements: Where a funding body, organisation or company is funding your research a detailed agreement will be needed.
  • Collaboration Agreements: An agreement to govern a relationship when two or more parties work together to complete a research project. Such agreements are mandatory for all Research Council grants involving more than one institution and will be necessary for any industrial collaborations.
  • Licencing Agreement: These enable the exploitation of valuable intellectual property rights.
  • Sub-contract: Used to contract specific work on a project, where a main contract with a third party (eg funding body, government department) exists.
  • Studentships: An agreement will normally be needed to set out the relationship between the University, the funding body or company and the student.

This list is not exhaustive, and there are many more types of contract that we deal with. Please contact us with any queries.