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Accelerate: A system for in-module and end-of-module feedback

The Accelerate system can be accessed by clicking here. Alternatively, you can navigate via your module's ELE page.

Accelerate is a tool for communication and gathering feedback from students. The system has been designed to cover two separate forms of feedback: in-module and end-of-module. In-module feedback is provided through the 'Comments' section; this allows for ongoing interaction between staff and students outside of the lecture theatre. End-of-module feedback allows students to provide feedback through 'Surveys' on modules. As identified in the Education Strategy, we want to encourage students to actively engage with giving feedback during a module and give lecturers the opportunity to act on any issues or ideas raised.

What does Accelerate provide?


Our aim is to give students and lecturers the chance to engage in dialogue about modules. Students can use Accelerate to comment and raise various issues with their modules. This could include problems with teaching or assessment, or general questions about the material. Discussion then follows a collaborative approach where staff and students respond to questions as appropriate and help develop each other’s understanding. Additionally, Accelerate allows users to rate questions and comments to identify the most useful questions and answers. Due to the nature of this side of the system, use of Accelerate Comments is not anonymous and comments can be viewed by the module lead, as well as all students enrolled on the module. If students wish to offer comments on lectures/lecturers anonymously, there are alternative options such as speaking to SSLC (Student Staff Liaison Committee) representatives.

We have designed Accelerate to be accessible on mobile devices, allowing students to ask their questions whenever and wherever they arise. We want this ease of use to lead to Accelerate developing as a forum, where students can discuss any and all issues they have in one central space. We also hope that it will form a useful space for students to request any extra resources they think will make a difference to their studies.

Please note that 'Comments' operates on an opt-in basis. If a staff member would like to use 'Comments' in their module please send an e-mail to your Faculty Programme Design and Quality Enhancement (PDQE) team (found below) along with your module code.


Accelerate Surveys also provides students with the opportunity to provide end-of-term evaluation of their modules, crucial to the development of a module. Improvements for staff include an intuitive system that can adapt to changes in the student cohort, improved analytical functions, and greater flexibility for staff control over their surveys.

‌Support and Guidance

The following documents will assist you with all aspects of the Accelerate system (Please note that these instructions are subject to change as the system develops further):

Accelerate Comments Instructions for Staff - these instructions will give you guidance on the in-module comments side of Accelerate, including how to setup a comment thread, how to respond to comments or report a comment if necessary.

Accelerate Comments Instructions for Students - these instructions focus on the student uses for Accelerate Comments, including how to setup a comment thread, reply to a comment, and some examples of good questions to ask on the system.

Accelerate Surveys Instructions for Staff - these instructions will show you how to set up a questionnaire for end-of-module feedback.

If you have further queries or feedback please contact your Faculty PDQE team:

Faculty Contact Information
Faculty of Environment, Science and Economy
Faculty of Health and Life Sciences
Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences