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TQAE Connect

Teaching Quality Assurance and Enhancement (TQAE) Connect is the new online portal designed to support our quality assurance and enhancement processes at the University of Exeter. TQAE Connect brings together the quality assurance policies and procedures that underpin teaching and learning at the University of Exeter, to provide coordinated and streamlined support for colleagues and our external partners, including External Examiners.

TQAE Connect for External Examiners

If you are a current or a potential External Examiner you can log in to TQAE Connect here.

If you are unable to log in please contact for support.

Information and updates for External Examiners relating to coronavirus (COVID-19)

TQAE Connect system user guides and training

User Guides

Training resources

We have issued all our current External Examiners with an email inviting you to access TQAE Connect. You will need to log-in through the link in this email using your own institutions email address and password to access the portal, which is supported by Microsoft Azure. Initial access to the portal must be through this invitation link in order to set you up in the TQAE Connect portal. You may need to search your email inbox/junk mail for this email if you have missed it. If you cannot find this email and need us to re-send the link please contact Please note that the email address you use to log-in must be the one that we hold on record for you and any variants (e.g. or may not work. If you have any problems logging in we can check the exact email address that we have registered for you and let you know.

TQAE Connect is supported by Microsoft Azure. This means rather than asking you to make your own password for this system you can login using your current institution login information. If you have any issues with accessing TQAE Connect please contact

Please note, if you have been given a University of Exeter email and password in order to access our Virtual Learning Environment (ELE) and assessment systems, you will not be able to use this email address and password to access the TQAE Connect portal. You must use your current institution email and password to log-in. 

If the current email address we have on record for you is no longer valid please email to inform us. We will notify you when your email has been updated and send you an access link to your updated email address.

We have already issued all of our External Examiners with an email inviting you to access TQAE Connect. If you need us to resend the access link, please contact You will receive email notifications when there are actions for you to complete in TQAE Connect. 

TQAE Connect has been designed to enhance the user experience of all our External Examiners. The reason the TQAE Connect system asks you to log-in using your own institution email and password is because it uses the Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) business-to-business (B2B) collaboration to seamlessly connect you with our system. Azure Active Directory is an industry standard piece of software used across Higher Education institutions.

In terms of data protection please see our data protection policy, available via the following link:

If your payment details have changed please contact and we will send you a link to the online finance form.

To ensure that we have the most up-to-date information held in our system, rather than copying across the information we have previously sought from you, we are asking our External Examiners to add their contact and payment details directly into the TQAE Connect system to ensure that these are current and correct. External Examiners will then be able to go into the TQAE Connect system and update their details at any time, should there be any change to contact or payment details in the future.

Your payment will be generated on receipt of your annual report.

Once you have logged into TQAE Connect you will be able to update your general contact information. If the current email address we have on record is no longer valid please email We will notify you when your email address has been updated and you will be issued with a new link to the updated email address.

When you submit your annual report there is an option that allows you to cancel the submission. Accidentally clicking this will prevent the report from sending. If you need more support submitting your annual report please email us at


External Examiners for Taught Postgraduate and Undergraduate programmes receive a basic annual fee of £150. Colleges then allocate an additional amount to External Examiners based on the workload each has undertaken. If you have any queries about your fee please contact Your payment will be generated on receipt of your annual report.

Once your nomination to the post of External Examiner has been confirmed, you will be provided with induction information about your role. This information is provided within the TQAE Connect online portal and you will be asked to confirm that you have read it. If you would like information about your role ahead of your nomination being confirmed, please contact us at

If you are an External Examiner for both an undergraduate programme and a postgraduate programme, you will receive both the PD94 and PD98 finance forms to complete. Undergraduate and postgraduate external examining payments are processed differently and therefore require different information.

Please contact Quality and Standards ( who will be able to provide you with the necessary forms and further information.