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Student Employability & Development

Key Functions:

  • College Coordination & student development
  • Employability & Careers Consulting
  • Employability & Placement Learning and training
  • Pathways and programmes (inc. Grand Challenges)

Student Employability & Development Manager

Dr Dawn Lees PFHEA


Phone: 01392 72(4428)



Name Responsibility
David Pritchard Employability & Careers Consultant
Rachel Sloan Employability & Careers Consultant (Skills)
Kate Foster Employability & Careers Consultant (WP)
Rachel Gaunt Employability & Careers Consultant (Law)
Sarah Blunt Employability & Careers Consultant
Fiona Hartley Employability & Careers Consultant
Kenneth Howgill Employability & Careers Consultant (PGR)
Simon Allington Employability & Careers Consultant (PGT - UEBS)
Joan Wright Employability & Careers Consultant (PGT - UEBS)
Debra Lech Employability & Careers Consultant (PGT - UEBS, MBA)
Vacancy Employability & Careers Consultant (Law)
Name Responsibility 
Gemma York Employability & Placement Adviser - Skills
Jen Hardwick Employability & Placement Adviser - Skills
Leanne Bisatt Employability & Placement Adviser - Skills
Vacancy Employability & Placement Adviser - Skills / BUS
Name Responsibility
Richard Daniels Placement Learning Manager
Nick Havergal Employability & Placements Advisor (HASS)
Bryanna Kilroy Employability & Placements Advisor (HASS)
Dean Jones Employability & Placements Advisor (HASS)
Dr Rosie Bawn Employability & Placements Advisor (HASS)
Rosie Tame Employability & Placements Advisor (HLS)
Joel Smith Employability & Placements Advisor (ESE / HLS)
Jo Rees Employability & Placements Advisor (ESE)
Dr Ben Smart Placement Learning Administrator 
Dr Lee Wylie Business School Placements Team Leader
Kathryn Chalk Employability & Placements Advisor (Business School)
Caroline Harvey Employability & Placements Advisor (Business School)
Alexa Webster Employability & Placements Advisor (Business School)
Katie Stote Employability & Placements Advisor (Business School)
Rianna Victory Poroosotum Employability & Placements Advisor (Business School)
Elise Cotter Placement Learning Support Officer (Business School)
Name Responsibility
Anka Djordjevic Programme Manager (Interdisciplinary Pathways)
Dr Helen Hicks Programme Officer (Interdisciplinary Pathways)
Will King Programme Officer (Interdisciplinary Pathways)
Silvia Paloschi Programme Officer (Interdisciplinary Pathways)
Charity Wilson Student Employability and Development Support Officer
Christiana Bingley Programme Assistant