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Green Consultants

Green Consultants is an award-wining employabilty programme that has been running since 2013. We train students in the skills that make them employable as a Sustainability Consultant. Students complete training in project management, soft skills and technical skills and then can choose to take part in an on-campus project. More information about the programme is available on our student facing webpage

About on-campus projects 

The projects are for a team of about 4 students, who each have 30 hours to contribute. The projects should directly relate to one of the aims of the University's Environment and Climate Emergency Policy Statement.


Can anyone request a project team?

Yes, any member of staff can request a team of Green Consultants to help with a project. 


I have a project for students, what do I do?

Please get in touch to discuss or complete this form to create a project brief, that we will then use to recruit students to your project. You can get further advice or send your form to 

Are students paid?

Where an on-campus project adds value to the University there is a possible stipend of £100 per contributing student. This stipend would only be payable where the on-campus project team have fulfilled all aims and objectives of the project and delivered the agreed outputs to the satisfaction of their client. This stipend is not payable on projects started before 1st September 2022.


Year Example projects  Outputs 
2020 Tackling food waste in catered accommodation at the University of Exeter  Tackling food waste in catered accommodation
 2021  Devising a methodology and undertaking initial data collection to support the monitoring and improvement of sustainable travel provision on campus  A report
 2022  Anthropogenic Impact on Streatham Campuis Biodiversity  Powerpoint Presentation
 2023  Cost of living crisis - Super Savour Kitchen  A report

The audit is comprehensive, concise, and informative and certainly fulfilled the brief. 

 Nigel Morris, Strategic Waste and Resources Manager


Their report is very comprehensive with some useful points and met the brief. Thanks!

Vic Patch, Communications and Engagement Lead