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SEAS Cornwall

Key Functions:

  • Student employability and pathway delivery
  • Information and systems
  • Employer engagement and employment services
  • Global opportunities (inc Penryn Field trips)

SEAS Cornwall Manager

Francesca Crickmere


Phone: 01326 259316


Name Responsibility 
Andy Major Employer Engagement & Events Co-Ordinator
Hannah Goodfellow Employer Engagement Support Officer (Placements)
Ellie Bisson-Brewer Employer Engagement Support Officer (Events)
Sarah Hambury Employer Engagement Support Officer  (Events & Placements)
Laura Gallagher Employer Engagement Administrator
Jess Merivale-Perry Employer Engagement Administrator
Kayleigh White Employer Engagement Administrator
Name Responsibility 
Kayleigh Sandercock Programme and Global Employability Officer
Bill Thompson Field Trips Co-ordinator
Rachel Scofield Global Opportunities and Field Trip Support Officer
Sara Carella-Lyne Global Opportunities and Field Trip Support Officer
Name Responsibility
Sharron Curtis Career Zone Officer
Name Responsibility
Sunny Lalli Employability & Careers Consultant 
Laura Bevans
Employability & Careers Consultant
Nicky Hutchinson Employability & Careers Consultant
Rachel Coombes Employability & Careers Consultant (Career break until June 2024)
Ben Toulson Employability & Careers Consultant (Placements)
Dave Gyll-Murray Employability & Placement Advisor (Placements)
Richard Prest Employability & Placement Advisor (Placements)
Vacant Employability & Placement Advisor (HASS Placements)
Rachel Haddy Employability & Placement Advisor (Skills)