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Technical Staff Development

Below are links to a number of development resources available for Technical Services staff at the University of Exeter:

Technical Services are proud to support the Aurora programme run by Advance HE. We will be proudly supporting up to 2 nominations for this programme per academic year.

Aurora provides women with the opportunity to influence the University, and will help to develop their leadership skills.


For more details on Aurora please visit the Advance HE About Aurora web pages or download the Aurora Poster (pdf)

Technical Services Nominations

2022/23 Nominations

  • Sara Honey (Laboratory Manager, CMM)

2021/22 Nominations

  • Hong Chang (Experimental Officer, Imaging Suite)

2020/21 Nominations:

  • Charlotte Cook (Technical Services Business Partner, CMH)

2016/17 Nominations:

  • Judith Bannerman (Laboratory Manager, Imaging Suite)
  • Sam Mitchell (Laboratory Manager, Biosciences)

2015/16 Nominations:

  • Elizabeth James (Technical Manager)
  • Amy Campbell (Wildlife Technician)

The National Technician Development Centre was established in 2017 by the Higher Education Funding Council for England, (now the Office for Students), to provide expertise and tools to the HE and related sectors to create a sustainable future for technical staff and services. In addition, this includes increasing the visibility and recognition of technical staff nationally.  

Hosted by the University of Sheffield, the NTDC brings expertise and tools to support the development of formal technical career pathways and embed these strategies within institutions, to develop and modernise individual technical skill sets and identify future skill gaps and provide appropriate training and development opportunities.  

As the NTDC’s training arm, HEaTED offers CPD courses and networking opportunities specifically designed for individuals in the technical community, aiming to develop technical staff, no matter their discipline or stage of their career. 

We are proud to be a Partner Affiliate of the NTDC and a member of HEaTED, allowing us to support technical development through training, networking, and shared best practice across the UK. 

We have identified training and competencies which each of our technical staff are required to undertake at their role and level within the service. This encompasses both health and safety/compliance training courses, as well as CPD courses on leadership and management. 

Staff can view their own personal training requirements via the MI hub (VPN required if off-site).

We have also created a TS training hub on our induction SharePoint site, so all training identified through the competency matrix is easily accessible to all. 

If you have any questions regarding this system, please contact

The IST is the professional body for specialist, technical and managerial staff. 

The University of Exeter has Corporate Affiliation with the IST.

Association with professional bodies provide benefits to both employers and employees. The University of Exeter is supportive of the IST’s aims, objectives and activities and is committed to the continuing professional development of our technical staff.

The IST encourages its members to pursue training and qualifications, tailored to their needs, so that they can expand their skills and respond to an ever-changing workplace. This, in turn, means better job prospects for members and gives employers the professional, 21st century technicians they need to progress in today’s economy.

Benefits to Technical Services and our technical staff are:

How do I become a member?

  • Application for membership at Junior, Affiliate, Associate and Member grades can be made by email to the IST office using the standard application form which is available for download here. The form must be accompanied by a copy of each relevant certificate, diploma etc (scanned copies sent electronically are accepted).
  • Completed applications should be emailed through to
  • As part of our continued commitment to our technical staff and their personal/professional development, Technical Services will cover the costs of initial membership fees to the Institute of Science and Technology (IST).  
  • More guidance can be found on the IST website.

Professional Registration with the IST

  • Professional Registration with the IST is available at 3 levels. Click on one of the links below to find out more:
    • Registered Science Technician (RSciTech):  For staff in technical roles – candidates will typically (but not exclusively) be qualified to at least QCF level 3 and will be applying this knowledge to their roles. It provides recognition in its own right but can also be a springboard to RSci or CSci status
    • Registered Scientist (RSci):  For staff in scientific and senior technical roles – candidates will typically (but not exclusively) be qualified to at least QCF level 5 and will be applying this knowledge to their roles. It provides recognition in its own right but can also be a springboard to CSci status
    • Chartered Scientist (CSci):  For staff in senior scientific and leadership roles – candidates will typically be qualified to at least QCF level 7 and applying their knowledge in their roles. CSci status is a well established benchmark across the professions
  • Whilst Technical Services will pay for the initial IST membership, individuals will be required to pay to cover their own individual registration fee (from £35 for RSci/RSciTech to £45 for CSci) and subsequent annual fees.


The Science Council provides the quality assurance system for those working in science. They set the standards for professional registration for practising scientists and science technicians across all scientific disciplines. Through their Licensed Bodies they admit registered scientists and science technicians who meet their competence and conduct requirements and commit to Continuing Professional Development. Those scientists who reach the required standards are recognised by the following designations CSci, CSciTeach, RSci and RSciTech. 

We are proud to be an Employer Champion with the Science Council.

The Technician Commitment is a university and research institution initiative, led by a steering group of sector bodies, with support from the Science Council and the Gatsby Charitable Foundation’s Technicians Make It Happen campaign.

The themes of the Technician Commitment are: VisibilityRecognitionCareer Development and Sustainability, and apply to technicians working in higher education and research, across all disciplines.

The University of Exeter is a proud signatory of the Commitment supporting staff at all levels to get involved with our working group and make positive progress across the institution. Progress on our action plan is supported by and reported into the Exeter Professional Group whose remit is focused on improving career pathways and opportunities across Professional Services.

Please see our latest submission below:

Technical Services Commitment Submission (2020)

Appendix 1: Technician Commitment Progress 2020

Appendix 2: Technical Services Commitment Action Plan (2020-2023)

Technician Commitment Submission Feedback 2021

If you are interested in learning more about the Technician Commitment, or how you can get involved, please contact  

The UKRI-Research England funded TALENT programme has launched The TALENT Commission report, which has gathered new strategic insights into the UK’s technical workforce in higher education and research. (Published 1 February 2022)  

The TALENT Commission is the outcome of 20 months of in-depth research, stakeholder engagement and evidence gathering within the sector. 

The report sets out a vision for the future of the UK's technical talent and includes 16 overarching recommendations to guide delivery of this vision. 

The full report is accessible via their website:  

Technical Services at the University of Exeter welcome the publication of this report and are keen to build the recommendations into our service and wider institution. 

This network has been created to allow for technicians across the UK (and further afield!) to connect with each other.

The aims for this server are:

  • To provide an informal space for technicians to network and collaborate with colleagues from across the UK
  • To share best practice among institutions and universities
  • To further the goals of the Technician Commitment
  • To encourage the sharing of skills and expertise between colleagues

We encourage you to join and begin networking with technical colleagues from across the UK and beyond.

You can join via this invite link.

The University of Exeter is committed to actively promoting and supporting the professional development and recognition of our scientific staff through professional registration, and providing an environment in which registrants are able to uphold their codes of conduct.

See our dedicated webpages to find out what support is available to you in your application.