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Supporting Your Health & Wellbeing During the Current Events in Israel, Palestine and the Middle East

We recognise how distressing this situation is, particularly for those in our community with family, friends, and other connections in this area, and our thoughts are with all who are impacted.

We have been connecting with and supporting members of our community who have been most impacted to ensure they know we are here for them and to let them know about the support that is available. Below are some support options and resources that you may find helpful.

Our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) Spectrum Life

A dedicated line has been established to support those directly or indirectly affected by current events. They can provide in-the-moment support to any colleagues, PGR students and dependents over 18.  The team of counsellors are available to talk to confidentially 24/7 and can be accessed as often as you wish. They can also refer you to access trauma counselling as appropriate. You can also call for advice on supporting another team member or colleague (all calls are confidential).

You can reach this dedicated line and speak to a counsellor by calling: 0800 6525008

Spectrum Life provides a range of confidential services to support your mental health and wellbeing during events in Israel and Palestine:

  • Emotional Support and Counselling: Spectrum Life’s experienced and compassionate counsellors are available to listen and provide emotional support. They can help you process your feelings and provide guidance on coping strategies.

  • Work-Life Balance Support: Spectrum Life can assist you in managing work-related stress and enable you to manage day to day life during these challenging times.

  • Financial and Legal Consultation: Spectrum Life provide access to experts who can offer guidance on financial and legal matters that may arise during the current events.

  • Mental Health Resources: Access a wide range of resources, including articles, videos, and self-help tools, to help you better understand and manage your mental health and wellbeing.

Internal and other External Resources

If anxiety or low mood is impacting on your day-to-day work, as a colleague or PGR teaching colleague, you can speak to the person you report to and discuss what they can do to support you. The University’s Occupational Health Management Referral process can be useful for seeking advice regarding reasonable adjustments if needed.

As a PGR student you can access support from a PGR welfare Advisor or the support team via the  PGR Welfare web pages.

The Chaplaincy is available for open conversations if you have concerns, regardless of faith or world view.

Colleague Wellbeing has a Colleague Mental Health Champions Network, Colleague Mental Health Champions are available to have open conversations about mental health and provide signposting.

The NHS talking therapies service offers free programmes such as counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for mental health conditions such as anxiety and low mood.

Colleague Wellbeing and Occupational Health web pages have resources and information on bereavement and urgent and ongoing mental health concerns.

Colleagues can access the Colleague Mental Health and Stress Toolkit to find information on how to manage personal health and wellbeing.