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Antimicrobial Resistance

Adopting an interdisciplinary, ‘One Health’ approach to tackling the global threat of AMR, the University of Exeter is producing world-class, impactful research and driving forward innovation and discovery.

AMR is accelerating in both bacteria and fungi, as well as in parasitic diseases such as malaria, rendering antibiotics less effective and threatening over a century of advancements in modern medicine. Latest research shows that in 2019, nearly 5 million deaths worldwide were directly or indirectly attributable to AMR. With experts working across the academic spectrum in fields as varied as microbiology, social sciences, geography and public health, as well as a wider community of researchers engaged across all six of the University’s Colleges, we are meeting the challenge head-on with our diverse expertise. 

Here are some stories and short films about our people and research themes.

Please watch our video: 'One Health: Uniting the Disparate'.