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Technology and Data

Technology and Data

Using technology is a key part of managing and reducing antimicrobial resistance (AMR). We utilise interdisciplinary research in mathematical modelling, the development of tools and databases, and data analysis to look at AMR through a new lens.

Our rigorous research techniques put us at the cutting edge of technological development, investigating fresh approaches to control AMR. Using synthetic biology, we take the principles of engineering and apply them to the biological system. At the forefront of our research is the search for alternatives to simple drugs that infectious agents have become resistant to, and technologies such as CRISPR to edit the genomes of bacteria, fungi and other microbes.

Technology and Data - primary investigators

Professor Robert Beardmore Professor of Mathematical Biosciences Mathematical modelling; data analysis
Dr Mario Recker Associate Professor in Applied Mathematics Antigenically and phenotypically diverse pathogens, Plasmodium falciparum, dengue, Staphylococcus aureus, mathematical and data analytic frameworks, pathology, evolutionary epidemiology, host-pathogen interactions, gene expression, immune selection
Dr Stuart Daines Research Fellow Marine ecology, biochemistry, coevolution, physical environment
Professor Stuart Townley Professor in Applied Mathematics Systems modelling, analysis and management
Dr Remy Chait Lecturer Technology development, bioscience
Dr Tobias Bergmiller Lecturer Technology development, molecular biology
Dr Stefano Pagliara Senior Lecturer in Microfluidics Technology development, single-cell response, membrane transport, drug uptake, antibiotic tolerance, ageing
Dr Jehangir Cama Industry Research Fellow Single-cell phenotyping, drug development assays, membrane transport, technology development
Professor Ivana Gudelj Professor of Evolutionary Systems Biology Mathematical modelling, synthetic biology, multi-species communities
Dr Lihong Zhang Research Fellow Molecular microbiology, environmental microbiology, medical microbiology, microbial ecology
Dr Stineke Van Houte BBSRC Future Leadership Fellow CRISPR-Cas9 gene drives to fight AMR, phage identification, phage-based approaches to fight pathogenic infections
Professor Adilia Warris Professor in Paediatric Infectious Diseases and Deputy Director MRC Centre for Medical Mycology Azole-resistant A. fumigatus, CRISPR
Professor Henry Buller Professor of Geography, Head of Exeter Geography Social science approaches to diagnostic pathways and diagnostic tool development in clinical veterinary science
Dr Rhys Farrer Lecturer in Bioinformatics at MRC Centre for Medical Mycology Tool/database development, genomic and transcriptomic changes, micro evolutionary and species comparisons, ChIPseq, chromatin regulation, gene expression

Dr Alan Brown

Senior Lecturer in Molecular Microbiology Molecular bacteriology, niche adaptation and antimicrobial resistance, host-pathogen interactions immunotherapy


Dr Steven Porter


Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry Bacterial signal transduction, novel antimicrobial development, kinase inhibitors, sensor kinase, protein biochemistry, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Burkholderia pseudomallei.

Dr Mike Allen

Associate Professor of Single Cell Genomics Antibiotic resistance, molecular microbiology, environmental microbiology, medical microbiology, microbial ecology, feed/energy conversion, oceans and human health; environment and human health, technology development

Professor Sarah Gurr

Chair in Food Security Antifungals, fungicide resistance, evolution, global movement and stewardship of antifungals

Professor Andrew Shaw

Associate Professor of Physical Chemistry Attomarker, physical chemistry, screening, biomarkers, disease, differential diagnostics