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Partnerships with industry-leading employers

The Centre for Computational Social Science are keen to create partnerships with companies that employ social science graduates with quantitative skills.

How companies get involved

Careers events

The Centre organises a range of employability events for students on our courses, yet often open to all social science students. These gatherings include panel events, networking events and careers talks by alumni. They offer a great opportunity for businesses to meet our students and promote opportunities to them.

Data Workshops

These are an opportunity for employers to come and talk to the students about how they use data and statistical analysis techniques in their work. It gives to the students applied examples of the tools and techniques they are being taught, and to enterprises the opportunity of presenting their business to interested students in practical detail.

Work placements

We are always looking for employers to offer work placement opportunities to our students so that they can get hands on experience in data analysis and put their studies in to practice. Work placements can vary from a week or two work-shadowing, through to an 11-week placement where a student is doing more in depth work. Not only does it offer invaluable experience to the student to support and develop their experience, it also offers employers the opportunity to meet in advance the next generation of high quality graduates.

Get in touch

Companies interested in partnering with the Centre for Computational Social Science at Exeter please contact the C2S2 team to discuss the possibilities further.