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Centre for Computational Social Science Degree FAQs

The following questions have been asked by prospective students:

The BSc is geared toward integrating the development of research and data science skills (alongside a raft of other analytical skills that you would develop in the course of any degree programme). These skills are transferable and highly valued by employers (including industry standard software). The development of these skills is what distinguishes the BA from the BSc.

The degree does not assume a pre-requisite in maths or statistics. Students without a maths background will not be disadvantaged.  During the course of the degree, students will learn to collect, analyse, and present data in a way that will enable you to research and offer insights into many socio-political issues that are crucial to understand in the modern world. 

Yes you can, as long as you successfully complete 60 credits worth of data science modules; the centre administrator can provide more information. Learn more about our Proficiency in Social Data Science pathway.

Yes, you can. As part of all C2S2 programmes you will be able to take modules from across the fields of Politics, Sociology, and Criminology. In addition, you can take up to 30 credits per year of modules from other non-social science subject areas.

Yes, on the BSc students will be able to undertake a semester or year of study abroad. For more information visit the Study Abroad pages.

Students across all disciplines successfully passing a minimum of 60 credits of C2S2 data science modules will have the words ‘with Proficiency in Social Data Science’ added to their degree title. For example, a student in BA History who successfully completes the proficiency will graduate with a degree title of 'BA History with Proficiency in Social Data Science'.

You have the option to undertake a module which has been designed to help you gain relevant work experience as an opportunity for personal and academic development. The module will give you the tools to reflect critically upon your placement, the skills that you develop during it, and to consider how these relate to your degree. For more information visit our dedicated Employment pages.

C2S2 offers a vibrant community where students can engage both with one another and with the academic staff as part of their academic journey. In addition, C2S2 offers the peer-to-peer support service and the Stats Helpdesk to aid students in developing their data science skills and to complete their assignments. 

See our dedicated Student Resources page for further information.