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EI Seminars

The Environmental Intelligence Seminar Series is a joint initiative of the CDT and the Exeter Environmental Intelligence Research Network. The  series of weekly seminars showcases EI research across all disciplines at the University of Exeter and provides a platform for external organisations to share their interests in EI with our community. 

Term 1

Date No. Contributor Content Location Time
Thu Oct 6th 1.1 Student Panel A panel of CDT students will each present their work and take part in a chaired discussion.
Building One:  Constantine Leventis Room 15:00-16:30 
Thu Oct 13th 1.2

Dan Bebber and Mohsin Raza

'Climate change, biotic yield gaps and disease pressure in cereal crops.' Harrison 170  15:00-16:30 
Thu Oct 20th 1.3 Benno Simmons 'Biodiversity, data science and AI.' Queens LT6/1 15:00-16:30 
Thu Oct 27th 1.4 Regan Early 'Why do species live where they do?' Queens LT6/1  15:00-16:30 
Fri Nov 4th 1.5 Jim Haywood 'From volcanoes and wildfires through to geoengineering: the wide-ranging role of aerosoles in the climate system.' Laver LT6 13:00-14:30

Thu Nov 10th


Main talk from Max Falkenberg followed by a short talk from Ben Dennes

Max - 'Climate polarisation during COP on Twitter.'

Ben - 'Facebook Advertising and misinformation during COP27: A report from the Climate War Room.'

Queens LT6/1 15:00-16:30

Thu Nov 17th

1.7 Hugh Williamson 'Responsible Plant Data Linkage.' Harrison 102  15:00-16:30 

Thu Nov 24th


Ute Schuster


'Marine carbon biogeochemistry under climate change.' 

Building One: Pearson Room




Thu Dec 1st 1.9 Jennifer Catto 'High impact weather in a changing climate.' Harrison 102 15:00-16:30 
Thu Dec 8th 1.10 Anna Harper 'Using emulators of carbon cycle models to predict ecosystem services.' Building One:  Pearson Room 15:00-16:30

Wed Dec 14th

1.11 Georgie Bennett and Kyle Roskilly 'SENSUM: Smart SENSing of landscapes Undergoing hazardous hydrogeomorphic Movement.' Physics 124


Term 2

Contributors lined up for Term 2 include:

  • Keith Challis, Remote Sensing Coordinator - External, National Trust
  • Tim Lenton, Director Global Systems Institute (GSI)
  • James Dyke, Assistant Director Global Systems Institute
  • Tatjana Baleta, GSI Wikimedia Vissiting Fellow for Climate
  • Catherine Butler, Senior Lecturer Education & Research
  • Hadi Mohammadi, Research Fellow, CSM, College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Science
  • Peter Challenor, Professor and PI on the NERC RAPID-WATCH project
  • Ute Schuster, Associate Professor in Physical Geography 


Date No. Contributor Content Location Time
Thu Jan 19th 2.1 Tatjana Baleta TBC                                        TBC 15:00-16:30 
Thu Jan 26th 2.2


TBC  TBC  15:00-16:30 
Thu Feb 2nd 2.3 TBC TBC TBC  15:00-16:30 
Thu Feb 9th 2.4 TBC TBC TBC  15:00-16:30 
Thu Feb 16th 2.5 TBC TBC  TBC  15:00-16:30

Thu Feb 23rd




TBC  15:00-16:30

Thu Mar 2nd

2.7 Tim Lenton ‘Positive tipping points to avoid climate tipping points’  TBC  15:00-16:30 
Thu Mar 9th 2.8 TBC TBC  TBC  15:00-16:30
Thu Mar 16th 2.9 TBC TBC  TBC  15:00-16:30 
Thu Mar 23rd 2.10 TBC TBC  TBC  15:00-16:30

Thu Mar 30th

2.11 TBC TBC  TBC