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Our students are recruited to the CDT from a range of academic and professional backgrounds. Scroll through their profiles to find out about them and their Environmental Intelligence research. 


Cohort 1 (2019)

Student PhD Research Supervisors
Liam Berrisford 'The structure and dynamics of future transport infrastructure.' Ronaldo MenezesHugo Barbosa and Ricardo Safra de Campos 
Margaret Bolton 'Inter-comparability and consistency of ecological fitness proxies across populations.' Regan EarlySabina Leonelli and Bram Kuijper 
Ellie Duncan 'Untangling natural aerosol processes in Polar Regions by implementing novel machine learning techniques.' Daniel Partridge, Jonathan FieldsendJim Haywood and Alistair Sellar (External) 
Chris Kerry 'Enforcement, remote sensing, and data science for effective illegal fishing deterrence.' Kristian Metcalfe, Saptarshi Das, Karyn Morrissey, Sam Weber and Tom Letessier 
Timothy Lam 'Quantifying teleconnection pathways leading to Droughts and Wildfires in Indonesian Borneo.' Jennifer CattoAnna Harper and Rosa Barciela (External)
Guy Lomax 'Measuring and managing rangeland resilience with remote sensing.' Tom Powell, Tim LentonAndrew Cunliffe and Theo Economou
Joshua Redmond 'Participatory Design for Human Rights Monitoring using Earth Observation Data.' Ernesto Schwartz-MarinHugo Barbosa and Ana Beduschi 
Arthur Vandervoort           'In the wake of disaster: analysing gendered mobility patterns by leveraging mobile phone data, data feminism, and justice.' Sabina Leonelli, Karyn Morrissey and Riccardo di Clemente 
Alice Wells                        'Using effusive and explosive volcanic eruptions as natural analogues for solar radiation management strategies and assessing the public opinion of geoengineering.'   Jim HaywoodJames Dyke and Daniel Partridge 
Ned Westwood 'Computer assisted classification of political narratives that impede and promote action on climate change.' Travis CoanHywel Williams and Saffron O'Neill 

Cohort 2 (2020)

Student PhD Research Supervisors

Emma Bailey

'Tipping Sustainable Change: Social Dynamics and Contagion.'  Tim LentonHywel Williams and Catherine Butler 
Ian Burton 'The impact of innovation and technology diffusion decarbonisation policy packages on the global economy-energy-environment system.'  Jean Francois Mercure, Femke Nijsse and Sarah Hartley 
Daneen Cowling  'Enhanced erosion and the land-ocean continuum: Assessing the biogeochemical responses to vulnerable landscapes.'  Tim LentonUte Schuster and Jacqueline Christmas  
Kevin Donkers  'Can agroforestry be utilised at scale to meet climate adaptation and mitigation needs of UK agriculture?'  Brett Day and Danny Williamson 
Elizabeth Galloway  'Modelling the impacts of tropical storms in the Philippines using statistical and machine learning approaches.'  Jennifer Catto and Chunbo Luo  
Abhi Navaneethanathan  'Developing ML and statistical models to study global particulate organic carbon fluxes through the data fusion of sparse, heterogeneous and in-situ oceanographic observations.'  Chunbo LuoPeter Challenor and Sabina Leonelli                                                                                     
Trish Nowak  'Entangling curious reasons for long-range travels of coarse dust particles in lower atmosphere and their impacts on climate, environment and human life.'  Benno SimmonsStefan Siegert and Andy Augousti (External)
Frederica Poznansky 'Soundscapes in Tropical Landscapes.'  Frank van Veen and Saptarshi Das 
Monty Sant  'Ocean abosorption and storage of anthropogenic carbon.'  Andrew Watson and Peter Challenor
Sara Sjosten 

'How can drastic changes in the Earth system in deep time help us understand how current ecosystems may respond to further human perturbation? How much more human disturbance can ecosystems tolerate before they collapse?' 

Tim Lenton and Peter Roopnarine (External) 
Nicola Wilson  'How can digital technologies help upscale and finance blue carbon?'  Chris Laing, Bob BrewinRudy Arthur and Sarah Hartley  

Cohort 3 (2021)

Student PhD Research Supervisors
Cesar Arturo Angeles Ruiz                             'Incorporating renewable energy in electricity grids.' James DykeJames Salter and Harshil Sumaria
Manju Bura 'The social life of heatwaves: A multimodal study of framing of heatwaves.'  Ernesto Schwartz-MarinChico Camargo and Claire Saunders
Jake Curry 'Application of Computer Vision Methods to Camera Trapping for Ecology and Conservation.' Benno SimmonsSareh Rowlands and Jacqueline Christmas 
Ben Fitkov-Norris TBC Benno SimmonsJacqueline ChristmasKristian Metcalfe or Barend van Maanen 
Ellie Fox 'Impacts of glacier melt on water availability and quality for downstream communities in the Andes: A socio-cryspheric systems approach.'                              Steven PalmerErnesto Schwartz-Marin and Sally Rangecroft 
Jonathan Growcott 'Multimodal monitoring or large African carnivores.' Benno Simmons, Matthew Wijers (External), Johan Wahlstrom and Richard Everson
Owain Harris TBC Ricardo Safra de CamposCatherine Butler and Sarah Hartley 
Tom Hogger Gadsby 'Modelling past, present and potential futures of mobility in Mexico City.' Ernesto Schwartz-MarinFederico Botta and Patricia Murrieta-Flores (External) 
Emily Robinson 'Tracking the discourse of transboundary injustices of Net Zero decarbonization strategies.' Sarah Hartley and Chico Camargo
Nathanael Sheehan TBC Sabina Leonelli and Federico Botta 

 Cohort 4 (2022)

Student PhD Research Supervisors
Ceren Barlas TBC  
Zihao Chen TBC  
Alex Edwards TBC  
Morgan Sparey TBC  
Ashish Sundar TBC  
Paul Bell TBC  
Rhiannon Grant TBC