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ESI Early Career Research (ECR) network

ECR network

We have around 140 ECR's in the ESI.  These include everyone from first year PhD’s to the very experienced Postdocs, so we have a wide range of disciplines and levels of experience. It is important to have a space for our ideas and collaborations, and to try to facilitate research that falls out with the current discipline set up. Most importantly during these current times, we need to have a space for informal socialisation (even if online at the moment!) and feel a sense of community, which is of course, very difficult to achieve.

The monthly ESI ECR events ‘Keep calm and collaborate’ aim to address these needs and are hosted by the ESI’s ECR reps, who each represent a major research group within the ESI. So far, our events have looked at global challenges and big questions, to help focus our skills towards specific aims, and we have also looked at resources and databases that we all have access to, which could be useful to us all.  Although the current online events never feel quite the same as the in-person events for engaging with each other, we do hope that these monthly opportunities to socialise bring back a little of that cohesiveness and research serendipity the ESI was always good at collaborating with people from various disciplines.

Maria Eugenia Correa Cano is the ESI ECR lead.


DisciplineGroup RepresentativeGroup
Biosciences Tom Dando Robbie McDonald
Biosciences Ali Gardner Ilya Maclean
Biosciences Fay Kahane Juliet Osborne
CSM Patrizia Onnis Karen Hudson-Edwards
Geography Tanya Venture Caitlin Desilvey
Marine Tom Horton Richard Sherley
Medicine & Health Macaulay Winter CMH
Microbiology Hebe Carmichael Gabriel Yvon-Durocher
Microbiology David Walker-Sunderhauf Edze Westra + Stineke van Houte
Renewables Yinchen Liu Xiaoyu Yan
Renewables Anurag Roy Senthil Sundaram
Renewables Katie Shanks Tapas Mallick
Business Lena Prouchet Stefano Pascucci