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Director of the ESI, Professor Camille Bonneaud

Director of the ESI

Director of the ESI

The environmental changes that we have set in motion are the greatest challenges that humanity has ever faced. But it is when we have everything to lose that we also have the most to gain. This is the time to change the way we live on our planet. At the ESI, we are imagining the solutions for the world of tomorrow, a world which places nature recovery, human wellbeing and the core values of democracy and social justice at its heart. There has never been a scarier but also a more exciting time to fight for environmental sustainability. I feel privileged to take on a role that supports the ESI in helping rebuild biodiversity rich land and seascapes in a way that also benefits our climate and society.”

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Camille is a Professor in Evolutionary Biology at the University of Exeter in Cornwall, UK.

Her research focuses on the evolutionary ecology of host-pathogen interactions in natural populations, mainly of birds. She is particularly interested in understanding how emerging infectious pathogens jump into new host species and how they subsequently adapt to these novel host environments, as well as how host resistance/tolerance evolves. 

Please contact Camille with ESI related enquires at or contact Amrita Sharma (PA) at

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