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Dr Karen Scott

Dr Karen Scott

Senior Lecturer in Politics

 01326 253778

 Peter Lanyon 162


Peter Lanyon Building, University of Exeter, Penryn Campus, Treliever Road, Penryn, Cornwall, TR10 9FE, UK


I am a social scientist very interested in the politics of knowledge, evidence and public policy. My main focus at the moment is on the current international political and policy interest in measuring wellbeing and how this relates to sustainable development issues. In these government wellbeing measurement agendas, I ask questions such as: who decides what wellbeing is and how to measure it? What sorts of evidence are used? Whose knowledge and what perspectives are we not hearing? What is the impact?

I’m also interested in the politics of pollination and how bee health stakeholders such as beekeepers, bee farmers and public interest groups interact with each other and with researchers and government to produce knowledge and evidence around bee health to inform policy.

I’m also researching how to improve evidence for policy evaluation in environmental policy areas, working with government departments and agencies (Defra, DECC, FSA and EA)

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Journal articles

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Scott KE, Rowe F, Pollock V (2016). Creating the good life? a wellbeing perspective on cultural value in rural development. Journal of Rural Studies Abstract.
Gkartzios M, Scott K (2015). A Cultural Panic in the Province? Counterurban Mobilities, Creativity, and Crisis in Greece. Population, Space and Place, 21(8), 843-855. Abstract.
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Kirsop-Taylor NA, Scott K, hejnowicz A (2018). Towards cultures-of-systems in natural resource management institutions: the case of Natural Resources Wales’. Royal Geographic Society. 28th - 30th Aug 2018.

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