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Dr Kyle Roskilly

Dr Kyle Roskilly

Postdoctoral Research Fellow/Project Manager

 Environment and Sustainability Institute 


Environment and Sustainability Institute, University of Exeter, Penryn Campus, Penryn, Cornwall, TR10 9FE, UK



PhD in Animal Locomotion and Sensor Geolocation, Royal Veterinary College, London, UK
MEng (Hons) in Aerospace Engineering, University of Southampton, UK


Postdoctoral Research Engineer, Royal Veterinary College, London, UK
Industrial Impact Fellow, University of Exeter, UK
Postdoctoral Research Fellow/Project Manager, University of Exeter, UK

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Research interests

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Journal articles

Dewhirst OP, Roskilly K, Hubel TY, Jordan NR, Golabek KA, McNutt JW, Wilson AM (2017). An exploratory clustering approach for extracting stride parameters from tracking collars on free-ranging wild animals. J Exp Biol, 220(Pt 3), 341-346. Abstract.  Author URL.
Harvey RJ, Roskilly K, Buse C, Evans HK, Hubel TY, Wilson AM (2016). Determining position, velocity and acceleration of free-ranging animals with a low-cost unmanned aerial system. J Exp Biol, 219(Pt 17), 2687-2692. Abstract.  Author URL.
Dewhirst OP, Evans HK, Roskilly K, Harvey RJ, Hubel TY, Wilson AM (2016). Improving the accuracy of estimates of animal path and travel distance using GPS drift-corrected dead reckoning. Ecol Evol, 6(17), 6210-6222. Abstract.  Author URL.
Wilson AM, Lowe JC, Roskilly K, Hudson PE, Golabek KA, McNutt JW (2013). Locomotion dynamics of hunting in wild cheetahs. Nature, 498(7453), 185-189. Abstract.  Author URL.
Usherwood JR, Stavrou M, Lowe JC, Roskilly K, Wilson AM (2011). Flying in a flock comes at a cost in pigeons. Nature, 474(7352), 494-497. Abstract.  Author URL.


Wilson A, Hubel T, Dewhirst O, Roskilly K, West T, Lorenc M, Diack R, Bartlam-Brooks H, Bennitt E, Gobolek K, et al (2017). Biomechanics of predator prey interaction in four African mammals-Is it an arms race?.  Author URL.
Bartlam-Brooks HLA, Roskilly K, Buse C, Lowe JC, Bennitt E, Hubel TY, Wilson AM (2017). Determining water intake in wild Plain's zebra (Equus quagga).  Author URL.
Harvey RJ, Roskilly K, Hubel TY, Evans HE, Wilson AM (2016). A Snapshot of the Domestic Cat's Daily Life in Different Environments.  Author URL.
Harvey RJ, Buse C, Roskilly K, Hubel TY, Wilson AM (2016). Calibration of natural terrain and collection of locomotor data on free ranging animals using a low cost UAS platform.  Author URL.
Evans HK, Dewhirst OP, Roskilly K, Hubel T, Harvey RJ, Wilson AM (2016). Increasing low sample rate GPS path resolution using dead-reckoning: Validation in freely moving animals fitted with wildlife tracking collars.  Author URL.
Evans H, Roskilly K, Lowe J, Dewhirst OP, Hubel TY, Wilson AM (2015). Can dead reckoning techniques improve temporal resolution of measurements from tracking collars?.  Author URL.
Harvey R, Buse C, Lowe J, Roskilly K, Hubel TY, Wilson AM (2015). Determining speed, track and acceleration of free running animals from a low cost UAV platform.  Author URL.
Wilson AM, Roskilly K, Lowe J, Hudson P, Golabek K, Mcnutt J (2013). Dynamics of high speed locomotion and hunting in free ranging cheetah.  Author URL.
Wilson AM, Lowe J, Hudson PE, Roskilly K, Mcnutt JW (2012). Dynamics of hunting in free ranging cheetah.  Author URL.
Cheng L, Kuntze G, Tan H, Nguyen D, Roskilly K, Lowe J, Bezodis IN, Austin T, Hailes S, Kerwin DG, et al (2010). Practical sensing for sprint parameter monitoring. Abstract.
Cheng L, Tan H, Kuntze G, Roskilly K, Lowe J, Bezodis IN, Hailes S, Wilson A, Kerwin DG (2010). Sensing for stride information of sprinters. Abstract.
Cheng L, Roskilly K, Kuntze G, Tan H, Lowe J, Hailes S, Kerwin DG, Wilson A (2010). Stride information monitoring and sensing in sports. Abstract.
Roskilly K, Tan H, Lowe JC, Wilson AM (2009). GPS-INS integration: a valuable tool for measurement of kinematics in the field.  Author URL.

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