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 Natalie Craig

Natalie Craig

Research Assistant



My practice is grounded in community care and planetary health. I come from a world that has lost its values and holds money, power and control as cornerstones of their existence. Currently my work is understanding how that shows up in myself, my work and my community. I am incredibly grateful to those within the university that showed there are different ways of organising, living and understanding things. Cornwall is a home that I do not take for granted, the beauty of the landscape and the people has transformed my world. I am committed to understanding and working with indigenous cultures, new economic models, care, citizen assemblies and citizen science, mutual aid models as daily practice, decolonisation and abolition. I have been through a big transition over the past few years and that has not been without its challenges. I would love to work with students who are struggling with the science they are studying and feeling stuck without a way to put it into action.


ESI - raising resources for nature, Future Focus - business researcher, outdoor industry sustainability, Unite for Climate Action, Sail to the COP

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Research interests

Storytelling and communication regarding the climate crisis (Distinction in thesis on this) - Youth organising and how they are distributing power from Global North to Global South (part of a project working on this and connected to different parts of the movement) - Aviation industry, greenwashing, system change and new ways of tourism (Research group and report - Sail To the COP - Community care, decolonisation, embodiment practices, connection to nature, creativity (interests) - Refugee crisis be used to hide political crisis, empathy crisis, hoarding, long term impacts of colonialism (interest and lightly supporting a friend working on this in greece)

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