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 Natasha Hammond

Natasha Hammond

PhD student - not based in the ESI



I graduated from The Open University in 2018 with a BSc in Health Science (1:1) and a passion for microbiology. I have four years of industry experience in a microbiological setting including pathology and diagnostics (NHS), medical device decontamination and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Having witnessed how scientific research is used to inform professional practice and having experienced its real-world application in clinical and commercial settings, I was inspired to pursue a career in research and development and was awarded a CASE studentship with the SWBio DTP programme.

I am currently researching the transmission dynamics of Mycobacterium bovis, the causative agent of bovine tuberculosis, under the supervision of Dr Xavier Harrison and Prof Robbie McDonald.


BSc (hons) in Health Science (First Class)

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Supervision / Group

Postgraduate researchers

  • Xavier Harrison
  • Robbie McDonald

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