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Acknowledgements for the Intervention Initiative

This toolkit was commissioned by Public Health England (PHE). Its development was funded by PHE and the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol). The original research team at UWE Bristol was comprised of Dr Rachel Fenton, Dr Helen Mott, Professor Phil Rumney and Dr Kieran McCartan. We are grateful to Dr Justin Varney from PHE for his support.

The toolkit began life as an extension of the “Get SAVI” project developed by Scottish Women’s Aid and we are particularly grateful to Scottish Women’s Aid and to the team who developed their programme, for allowing us to use many ideas from Get SAVI.

This toolkit draws on a number of resources from the USA and elsewhere. Our review of the literature took as its starting point the review by Dr Anastasia Powell for the Victoria Health Promotion Foundation.

We have borrowed ideas and text from many sources and we wish to thank all those whose work we have learned from including:

We are particularly grateful to Hannah Godfrey and Matthew Hailes-Williams for facilitating student focus groups and for leading the student voice work at the heart of this programme.

We would like to acknowledge with gratitude the participation of the Women Law Students Forum at UWE and in particular the contributions of:

  • Alex Hayes.
  • Carly Thurgood.
  • Cheryl Rowlands.
  • Deborah Dane Osim-Asu.
  • Emma Trevett.
  • Jessie Allen.
  • Lim Yee.
  • Roland Mawuli Apleh.
  • Ronald Hardin.
  • Samstar Button.
  • Sophie Watkins.