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Contact, feedback and evaluation for the Intervention Initiative

The Intervention Initiative resources are regularly updated and we welcome your views about the Intervention Initiative as well as any comments or contributions for the materials or the website.

The contact e-mail address for the research team is

Feedback is an important part of this project. We encourage everyone using the toolkit to ask participants to fill in the Feedback Form.

The project team would be grateful to hear from all participating universities with summaries of your feedback - please e-mail us at

Download a copy of the UWE Bristol student feedback report.

During the academic year 2014-15 the team at UWE ran The Intervention Initiative using a control trial and assessing attitude change and behaviour change on a range of measures adapted from the existing literature.

We encourage all participating institutions to run the full evaluation measures. The full evaluation questionnaire (available in Qualtrics format or as a Word document for input into your own electronic systems) is available from the research team - please e-mail us at The full questionnaire incorporates the Social Norms Questionnaire which are used in Session five. The accompanying theoretical rationale for the development of the evaluation materials is also available from the team.

When measuring the impact of the programme is important to ask participants to fill in the questionnaires before the programme starts, immediately afterwards and thereafter at intervals (we suggest three months; six months; one year) to assess changes over time.